Some mates with… Guillermo Martin

02 Sep 2020

We chatted Guillermo Martin, one of the partners of Dietetica Cientifica (YIN YANG) to learn about the extensive and successful trajectory of the company.

When and how did the company arise?

The company was born in 1972 in Argentina, as a family business that produces integral, noble and genuine products; with the mission of spreading a new, more natural and healthy eating habit.

What are your values?

We seek to produce healthy and rich food that improves the quality of life of our consumers. For this, we have plantations, silos, our own mills and two modern plants located in the Federal Capital and in Buenos Aires.

We have an infrastructure carefully designed to provide the highest possible efficiency and the best professional advice to all our clients and consumers. In addition, we have a modern laboratory and our own fleet of trucks that guarantee the quality of our products, speed of delivery and personalized attention.

Why did you decide to turn to organic production?

Since the birth of the company, we have always been interested in producing organically. At that time, we received information from abroad where organic was already beginning and thus we began to internalize with the idea of ​​producing organically.

In all this time we have always been very well advised by the people of the Organización Internacional Agropecuaria (OIA). We started very little by little, with a small amount of products, with what was achieved in the country. Then we started growing little by little and started with rice and organic soybeans.

We always believed in the importance of organic production for health and the environment

What organic products do you produce?

Currently the baggage of product portfolio that there is, is becoming more and more massive and what draws our attention powerfully, is the demand of people who ask for more organic products. We are proud to be the standard bearer for organic production. The organic products that we sell are:


  • Organic fine long grain rice (500g presentation).

  • Organic Brown Rice (in presentation of 500g).

  • Organic Yamani Rice (in 500g presentation).

  • Organic Yamani Pop rice (in presentations of 80 and 180g).


  • Organic Mascabo sugar (in presentation of 500g).

  • Organic Sugar (in presentation of 1kg / Display x 80 envelopes or x 800 envelopes).


  • Organic long grain rice flour (500g presentation).

  • Organic roasted brown rice flour (in 500g presentation).

  • Organic Corn Flour (in 500g presentation).

  • Organic Soybean Flour (in 500g presentation).

  • Organic sorghum flour (in presentation of 500g).

  • Organic whole wheat flour (in presentations of 500g, 1 kg, 10 kg and 20 kg).

  • Organic superfine whole wheat flour (in presentations of 10 kg and 25 kg).


  • Organic Soy Beans (in presentation of 500g).

  • Organic Black Bean (500g presentation).


  • Organic Golden Flax Seeds (250g presentation).

  • Organic Brown Flax Seeds (250g presentation).


  • Yerba KA-A Organic (in presentation of 500g).

What benefits do these products have for the consumer?

Organic is a consumer need and our priority. Today the world demands more organic products because consumers are increasingly aware of the positive impact of consuming organic. Organic farming takes care of the earth, the planet and the ecosystem. Therefore, organic products are healthy because they preserve their nutrients throughout the production chain and provide minerals and vitamins, for those seeking a better quality of life.

What is the importance of organic certification?

Certification is very important because it gives seriousness to the product. The organic certificate gives our consumers confidence that our products comply with all the norms of organic production, quality standards and traceability. Consumers today read the labels of what they buy and recognize the quality of an organic product

What are the sales channels you have?

We work with 14 direct sellers in Capital Federal and Greater Buenos Aires. We also have a lot of interaction via digital either through the web (, social networks such as Facebook ( and Instagram ( Digital channels are more and more active, every day we receive more inquiries from consumers.

What are the next goals for the company?

Clearly we are going to continue betting on organic, that is our north. Organic production will continue to grow, driven by young consumers looking for quality products. We have in the pipeline the development of products for 2021 such as organic, ready-to-eat cereals. Also, more flours like an organic chickpea